Northdale offers a wide slate of products from regular and premium lead free to a variety of ethanol blends. All products meet and exceeds top tier standards. As a licensed blender, we also can provide customer blending upon request.


Northdale supplies seasonal winter blend and summer grade diesels commonly found in the upper Midwest. We also carry additives to produce select premium diesel blends.


Biodiesel is a clean burning, renewable energy source that can provide both economic benefits and cleaner equipment. Switching to biodiesel is relatively simple, but does require taking the proper steps. Please contact Northdale Oil for assistance in making the switch.

Blends of B5 and greater are available.


DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) is an emissions control liquid required by modern diesel engines. It is a non-hazardous solution comprised of urea and de-ionized water. Northdale DEF is tested for quality assurance, and we fully stand behind our product at all times. When injected to the engine exhaust stream (a process called selective catalytic reduction, or SCR), DEF eliminates 90% of exhaust pollutants by converting them to nitrogen and water. Users with newer vehicle engines that use DEF reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.

We manufacture DEF in-house, locally at our plant in Drayton, North Dakota. We have room in our facility to store 28,000-gallons of finished product in addition to ample storage for packaged goods. Northdale offers DEF tanks in sizes of 600 gallons and up, along with pumps, hoses and other components for tank setup.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Racing Gas

Northdale Oil proudly offers Sunoco racing gas. Racing gas is available at the pump at our Bemidji South location and is also available by 55-gallon drum at our Grand Forks warehouse.

Jet Fuel/Aviation Gas

Northdale is a licensed and insured hauler and reseller of aviation fuels. For aircraft ranging from commercial jets to crop sprayers, we have the fuel you need.

Aviation Gas

Jet Fuel


Northdale offers a wide array of oil and lubricants ranging from consumer packages to bulk deliveries. 


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