To fuel the lives of our customers and team members by being a dependable, reliable part of their everyday lives.

OUR History

         Northdale Oil, Inc. was founded by Dale Reck in 1967. Dale embarked upon his venture in the small town of Bathgate, ND, as a Standard Oil agent. His endeavor began with one truck, selling fuel to local family farms and residences. He expanded to operate bulk facilities out of Neche and Walhalla, ND, as an Amoco Jobber. The year 1992 struck the company with extreme changes. Dale suffered from health issues that left him unable to operate the business independently. As a result, his son, Scott, moved home to Neche with his wife, Missy. Scott was eager and excited to help his father run the business with Missy by his side. A few years passed, and Scott and Missy purchased the business from Scott’s father, Dale. Dale continued to be a helping hand, mentor, and voice of reason for years to come

         Much like his father, Scott is a family man, friend, and progressive business owner. Scott’s ambition and energy, Missy’s spirit and determination, loyal team members, and valued customers, are the driving factors for Northdale’s growth. Northdale has expanded their footprint by adding convenience stores, trucks to their fleet, and widening their product slate. Scott and Missy have three children and several grandchildren. Their company and family values lie in faith, family, community, teamwork, and hard work. With the third generation stepping into the family-owned and valued business, Northdale will continue to look for ways to help and serve communities in which they operate.

Who We Are

Northdale Oil is a family-owned company with a strong passion for serving our customers and the communities in which we operate. The success of our business is based on the deep-rooted relationships we have with our customers, partners, and team members.

How We Serve

Built on strong moral and ethical guidelines, our business practices are based on:




We strive for excellence by:
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