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Northdale supplies seasonal winter blend and summer grade diesels commonly found in the upper Midwest. We also carry additives to produce select premium diesel blends.

Available for diesel-powered highway vehicles.

  • #1 – Used in below freezing temperatures, features an additive to prevent gelling.
  • #2 – Standard grade diesel available for normal conditions.

Available for off-road vehicles and equipment as well as home heating applications.

  • #1: Used in below freezing temperatures; features an additive to prevent gelling. #1 dyed diesel is ideal for home heating tanks located outside.
  • #2: Standard grade diesel or fuel oil. #2 is ideal for home heating tanks located inside.

Available Additives

  • Premium Additive
  • Summer Additive
  • Winter Flow Additive


Northdale biodiesel is blended in-house to meet applicable Minnesota mandates. We purchase the highest quality bio available, which improves cold flow properties.

Biodiesel is a clean burning, renewable energy source that can provide both economic benefits and cleaner equipment. Switching to biodiesel is relatively simple, but does require taking the proper steps. Please contact Northdale Oil for assistance in making the switch.

  • B5 – Contains 5% biodiesel fuel by volume.
       (available only from October 1 thru March 31 in Minnesota)
  • B10 – Contains 10% biodiesel fuel by volume.
  • B20 – Contains 20% biodiesel fuel by volume.
        (replaces B10 mandate in Minnesota beginning April 1, 2018)


  • Increases C-Tane
  • Adds Lubricity

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